$575 per day for one climber
$350 each for two climbers
$325 each for three climbers
$275 each for four climbers
Plus travel expenses for guide(s): $150 per guide, plus food and camping expenses.



The City of Rocks National Reserve holds a place in the hearts of all climbers in North America. It is remote, yet accessible, and is full of solitude and splendor that only the beaten down Idaho desert can attain. The incredible rock is some of the oldest in the Western United states. Some of the granitic structures date back over 2 billion years. The Granite domes are notorious for panholes that hold warm summer water in “geologic bathtubs” created through millions of years of meteorological influence.

There is ample single pitch climbing that ranges from beginner practices to test pieces that elite climbers travel from worlds away to conquer. It is a place to hone in your crack climbing abilities and exposed face climbing on patina rock holds. The relaxed vibes at the City of Rocks usually mean lawn chair belays and 5-minute approaches, though the exploration is nearly endless.

The “City” is a cultural icon in the American West. It has family activities while also enjoying the rock tasting experience. Tour the many famous rocks that capture the legacy of the California Trail. The ruts from age-old wagons can be seen, along with markings of adventurers who braved the territory many years ago.

The Reserve is conveniently located about 2.5 hours from Salt Lake City. Spring and fall are typically the best time of year to head out and it is strongly encouraged to contact me in advance so to ensure that campsites are readily available. Summer climbing is possible, but avoiding the midday sun is difficult.